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                                                      OUR CORE

Effective Living Engaged, Victoriously Advancing Towards Excellence (Phil 3:12).

• Who we are? The youth at Victory Christian Fellowship   

• What are we doing? FINDING OUR TRUE IDENTITY.  

• When does this happen? When we embrace the reality that Jesus already finished the work on the cross and our responsibility is to enforce the victory as we advance daily. 

• Where does this happen? In our minds and hearts as we consistently pull down strongholds and thoughts that limit us.           

• Why does this have to happen? We realize there’s a higher version of ourselves we are yet to meet and we believe prayer can help peel off layers that life puts on us through experiences we encounter.

• How? Absolute trust in God and His son JESUS.

• Not that we have arrived but we are well on our way.Something’s got a hold of us and we won’t stop till we find out what it is. Phil 3:12. 



- Worship

To give GOD our love, reverence, service, and devotion.

- Fellowship

Community, iron sharpens iron, behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together.

- Prayer

Establish a personal relationship with God through prayer. You can speak directly with your Father

- Evangelism

Spreading the Good News and being an example. Our lives are the bibles some people will ever read.

- Teaching

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and exhorting one another 




To see youth

1.Born again and spirit filled

2.Completely sold out for God

3.Totally free from the bondage of hurt and pain

4.Find their purpose in life

5.Move into their calling by surrendering their gifts and talents to God

6.Raise other disciples as they have been raised

7.Become a voice in their generation

8.Learn how to make the sacrifice of Christ relevant to their day to day life

9.Learn trust and community

10. Become responsible leaders at church, home and school

11. Maintain true commitment and consistency with GOD and His word

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